Experience the Movement


American Movement is made to move you.
Designed by dancers for dancers, our shoes and tights are ideal for any step of your journey.


From Studio to Stage


From studio to stage, our tight collection offers the essentials. Featuring reinforced toe and foot, invisible waistband and dyed-to-match Coolmax® gusset, our tights ensure that nothing gets in the way
of putting your best foot forward.



Seamless Convertible

Style: 1014
Price: $11.95

Love the feel and comfort while effortlessly shifting from a full to footless tight. Soft, resilient, and comfortable with a reinforced toe and foot, invisible waistband and dyed-to-match Coolmax® gusset.



Seamed Mesh Convertible

Style: 1012
Price: $14.95

Designed for performance and carefully crafted to be complimentary under stage lights. Soft and supportive, this durable tight won’t bag or sag and features a reinforced toe and foot, invisible waistband and dyed-to-match Coolmax® gusset.



Footed or Footless

Style: 1016
Price: $10.95

Style: 1018
Price: $9.95

So simple. So perfect. These timeless classics are supple yet sturdy. Both styles incorporate an invisible waistband that won’t produce unflattering lines on your mid-section as well as a dyed-to-match Coolmax® gusset. Toe reinforcement is featured on the footed style.